Mandalascape is the ultimate rescue for those who seek magic and beauty in everyday life.

It all started in Tibet...

During one of her many escapes to Asia, Joanna had found herself in Tibet, where she had a rare chance to observe Buddhist monks making intricate mandalas out of colored sand. Blue, green, red, black… over the course of many days grains of sand were painstakingly laid on the stone floor of a monastery to form a colorful work of art that would later be destroyed with just one brush of hand. This ritual had been repeated for centuries to focus monks’ attention on the impermanence of things and practice lack of attachment. Though she tried hard, Joanna couldn’t comprehend how could one destroy something so beautiful that took so long to create.

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… and the journey led to Nepal

After months of solo traveling around Asia, Joanna finally arrived in Kathmandu, a city which she had wanted to see for a long time. Having visited Tibet 4 years before, she hadn’t thought that the capital of Nepal was going to surprise her. How wrong she had been!
Kathmandu’s narrow streets are like a treasure trove for those who, like her, like to get lost to discover hidden gems. It was late afternoon when she entered a small workshop enticed by a few mandala paintings that had been put on a display window. The man inside turned the light on, and she was suddenly transported into the cave of wonders – all the walls of the tiny room were covered with paintings of mandalas. The light made the colors so bright; it made the walls come to life. Impermanent beauty made permanent. Right then Joanna immediately knew what she had to do.

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Want to continue journey with me?

Each mandala painting that you see on this website is handmade on canvass in Kathmandu Valley and handpicked by Joanna, founder of Mandalascape and treasure seeker by heart. The patterns may seem repetitive, but every mandala is unique, there are no two identical pieces! Feel free to dig through the cave of wonders and pick whatever makes your soul sing. Take your friend or a loved one on a journey too – enjoy the hunt!



map of the world
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