Black mantra mandala handmade Tibetan painting with Om symbol.

Black Mantra Mandala | Handmade Painting | Tibetan Thangka | Buddhist art | Om


Black mantra mandala handmade Tibetan painting with Om symbol.

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Handmade in Nepal

Brought to you from Kathmandu Valley

linen cotton canvass

Mineral paint made from nature

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canvas size: 16,5 cm (6,5'') x 16,5 cm (6,5'')

This captivating Mantra Mandala is featuring a serene blue background adorned with intricate gold strokes forming four circles, each encompassing sacred mantras. At its center lies the revered OM symbol, creating a mesmerizing focal point of spiritual significance.

The serene blue background represents tranquility and the vastness of the sky, invoking a sense of peace and calm. Delicately intertwined within the four circles, the golden strokes embody ancient mantras, each carrying its unique spiritual resonance and wisdom.

The OM symbol at the heart of this Mandala encapsulates the essence of the universe, signifying unity, harmony, and the journey to enlightenment. Its presence radiates a profound sense of spiritual depth and tranquility.

This exquisite Mantra Mandala is not just art; it's a reflection of spiritual balance and serenity. Perfect for enhancing any interior space with its elegant design and evocative symbolism. Elevate your surroundings with this divine artwork, inviting tranquility and spiritual harmony into your home or as a thoughtful gift for someone seeking inner peace and enlightenment.

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primary color


other colors

blue, gold


16,5 cm (6,5'')


16,5 cm (6,5'')

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