Blue mantra mandala handmade Tibetan painting.

Blue Mantra Mandala | Handmade Painting | Tibetan Thangka | Buddhist art


Blue mantra mandala handmade Tibetan painting.

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Handmade in Nepal

Brought to you from Kathmandu Valley

linen cotton canvass

Mineral paint made from nature

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canvas size: 26 cm (10,2'') x 26 cm (10,2'')

This handmade mantra mandala painting, set against a rich dark blue canvas, showcases five elegantly inscribed lines of mantras in radiant gold letters, forming a mesmerizing circular arrangement. Encircling this intricate display are vibrant green lotus flowers, adding a touch of spiritual essence and depth to the artwork. Placed within an interior, this mandala effortlessly becomes a focal point, merging the mystique of mantras with the symbolic purity embodied by lotus blossoms.

The interplay of dark blue and shimmering gold infuses the space with an aura of tranquility and spiritual resonance. The carefully arranged mantras, each line carrying its sacred significance, invite contemplation and meditation within the interior setting. Surrounded by the emblematic lotus flowers, this mandala painting evokes a sense of harmony and spiritual alignment, enriching the ambiance of any room.

Elevate your interior space with this unique masterpiece, where the convergence of mantras and lotus blooms creates an atmosphere conducive to meditation and introspection. Let this enchanting artwork adorn your interior, fostering a serene environment that invites reflection and spiritual connection within the confines of your space.

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primary color


secondary colors

red, black, green


26cm (10,2'')


26 cm (10,2'')

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