Orange Mantra Mandala Handmade Painting with OM symbol.

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Orange Mantra Mandala Handmade Painting with OM symbol.

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Handmade in Nepal

Brought to you from Kathmandu Valley

linen cotton canvass

Mineral paint made from nature

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canvas size: 56 cm (22'') x 57 cm (22,5'')

Discover rare handmade mantra mandala wall decor adorned with ten resplendent lines of gold mantras spanning across three distinct backgrounds: red, orange, and dark blue. At its center, an array of eight unique Buddhist symbols converges, encircling the iconic Om symbol. This exceptional artwork, while displaying signs of wear due to its age, exudes an irreplaceable spiritual aura and historical significance.

When placed within an interior space, this remarkable mandala wall decor serves as a testament to time-honored spirituality and wisdom. The fusion of vibrant colors across the three backgrounds, coupled with the amalgamation of the Om symbol and diverse Buddhist representations, invites contemplation and introspection. Despite its signs of wear, this mandala's authenticity adds depth and character, offering a sense of connection to ancient teachings and cosmic unity within the interior, infusing the space with a unique blend of reverence and spiritual resonance.

* Images depicted may not reflect true-to-life size. For precise dimensions, kindly refer to the 'Additional Information' section.
**Please note, this particular artwork, although remarkable and unique, is not new and displays visible signs of wear, adding to its historical charm and authenticity.

Additional information

primary color


secondary colors

red, black


56 cm (22'')


57 cm (22,5'')

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